About me :

  • I am a PhD student in the Department of Mathematical Sciences at Isfahan University of Technology, working under the supervision of  professors Majid Gazor and Amir Hashemi. Together with Prof. Gazor we have developed a Maple library called Singularity for bifurcation analysis of singularities.  We're now working on extensions of Singularity, some of them are joint work with Prof. Hashemi.

Educations :


  • September 2012-June 2018:  PhD in Applied Mathematics

                             PhD Thesis:  Developing a Maple Library called Singularity for Local Bifurcation Analysis of Singularities.

                            PhD Supervisor:  Dr. Majid Gazor (http://gazor.iut.ac.ir/)             

                            PhD Advisor:  Dr. Amir Hashemi (http://amirhashemi.iut.ac.ir/)

  • November 2015-November 2016: visiting student : Department of Computer Science, University of Western Ontario, Canada.
                   Research Project:  Computing Limits of Real Multi-variate Rational Functions.

                   Supervisor:  Prof. Marc Moreno Maza (http://www.csd.uwo.ca/~moreno/)
  •  2010: M.sc in Applied Mathematics: University of Shiraz, Iran.

                         MSc Thesis:  Analytical and Numerical Solutions of Partial Differential Equations in the Form
                         of Multi-Term Fractional Differential Equations and their Applications in Dynamical Systems.

                        MSc Supervisor:  Prof. Gholam Hussain Erjaee (http://shirazu.ac.ir/faculty/home/erjaee/en)

  2008:  B.Sc in Pure Mathematics: University of Arak, Iran.   

Publications :

Research Interests :

  • Dynamical Systems
  • Singularity Theory
  • Computer Science
  • Scientific Computing
  • Computer Algebra
  • Groebner and Standard Basis
  • Triangular Decomposition
  • Algorithm Design
  • Fractioanl Differential Equations and their Application